• It helps soothe, nourish, soften and calm skin.
• It heals damaged skin caused by stress, dehydration and environmental aggressors.
• It prevents skin discoloration, dark spots and pigmentation.
• It rejuvenates skin while slowing down the signs of aging by deeply nourishing skin tissues.

Infused with more than 10 natural plant oils, this silky & non-greasy facial oil blend is designed for problematic, oily, dry and sensitive complexions. All can benefit from this highly effective product to promote complexion wellness and a healthier appearance. Powered by the “Fast-Absorbing Formulation”, this highly effective product deeply penetrates into skin layers to nourish and protect skin from environmental damage. 
Fast-absorbing || Extra light-weight || Non-sticky || Non-irritating || Fragrance-free
Key Ingredients - Sea Buckthorn Berry Seed Oil + Red Tocol Arctic Cranberry Seed Oil + Rose Hip Oil + ArganOil + Jojoba Oil + Olive Oil + Sweet Almond Oil + Grape Seed Oil + Calendula Oil + Arnica Oil + Sunflower Oil + Macadamia Oil + Apricot Kernel Oil + Avocado Oil + Mountain Tobacco Flower Extract + Scotch Marigold Flower Extract.
DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount to clean skin. Massage until all absorbed.

Net: 30ml

Made in Australia


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