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PERA Skin Care - Best skin care & Top skin care


The Straits' people are deeply interested in maintaining their beauty and have developed many natural treatments to preserve both their looks and their youth. Since they lived in a humid and tropical climate, some of these solutions were aimed at protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. These simple and completely natural concoctions have been proven to provide very effective protection from the sun and humidity. 

One example is Bedak Sejuk, which is a powder made from rice and the Pandan Leaf. The powder cools the skin and prevents pimples. Over time, this treatment promotes a healthy and flawless complexion. 

PERA Skin Care - Best skin care & Top skin care

Inspired by Peranakan's mixed culture and their natural way of living, PERA was founded to marry nature and science, heritage and modernity, Asian and Western traditions. This can be seen in all PERA products, which are developed culturally with a deep understanding of the ingredients based on extensive research on folk medicine and traditional use of the ingredients. 

PERA is driven by its pursuit of three guiding principles. They serve as the inspiration and purpose behind every one of our products.

1. The use of pure natural ingredients - every PERA product is infused with nature’s own uncontaminated, high-performing ingredients. These ingredients include concentrated antioxidants, plant extracts, natural fruits, essential oils, vitamins and minerals which have many benefits for the skin. 

2. Harmonized formula for your skin  - Inspired by the mixed heritage of Peranakan, PERA products are blended with fusional ingredients which are globally sourced from the Korean Peninsula to the rainforests of Malaysia, the Swiss Alps, and Tasmania, Australia. These ingredients work in harmony to achieve the most desired results for your skin. 

3. Dedication to high quality & safety- from formulation to production, we pay meticulous attention to detail to ensure the high quality of our products. Each ingredient is tested and analyzed by our professional skincare experts before being processed using state-of-the-art technology in ISO/GMP-accredited facilities. This ensures the ingredients' effectiveness for rapid absorption by the skin and visible, restorative results. All PERA products are free of ingredients that cause allergic reactions and skin irritations, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Parabens, Phthalates, and artificial colorings. With PERA products, you can guarantee the safety of your skin. 

PERA has a keen interest in conserving the Peranakan culture. The tagline "1459 The Straits" under PERA logo marks the year of the beautiful & graceful Chinese Princess Hang Lipo's arrival at The Port of Malacca, which begins the era of the The Straits' Chinese. The charming, colorful, and inspirational culture of the Peranakan people is one which we are proud to share with the world. Unfortunately, though, it is also a culture which is slowly fading away due to modernization and diminishing social identity. Our commitment to helping preserve the heritage of the Peranakan includes: 

1. Encourage the younger generation to learn about this unique culture so that the heritage can be passed down through many more generations.

2. We pledge to donate part of our global revenue to Peranakan Association & other NGOs in the region to support various social & cultural activities.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate the Peranakan culture and share their knowledge of the intricacies of nature and beauty.